Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Work is Mental, Too

I want to have all of my goals met TODAY. Yes, I am unearthing (no pun intended!) my natural tendencies toward simpler living and shedding the old skin little by little which is an important part of this 365 day challenge but I'M GETTING IMPATIENT. What are the odds that i could build a compost bin this weekend with two little ones, housework, cooking, and hubs' crazy work schedule? HA! Any thoughts, ideas, encouraging words, are SOOO welcome.


  1. Baked bread tonight. two unrisen shaped dough pieces that were in freezer from the last time. I am feeling grounded again. Tomorrow i'll be working on making the kitchen tablecloth from this FABULICIOUS jacquard fabric i bought on sale a couple of weeks ago. Will keep you all posted.

  2. Ooooooh! I love sewin' an' bakin'. 'Soon's I get done with everything else, I'm gonna' get back to the good stuff, like sewin' an' bakin'. Can't wait to see your tablecloth.

    ~ Yaya

  3. Girl, I am so proud of you. What a great goal to set. I wish more people around me would think like you. It is hard to be green and healthier around people who believe is a waste of time because there are less of us. Now, let me know how getting the grocery bill down to $65 at Whole Foods goes!!! You will become my hero!!!! And my teacher:)