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"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity" - Plato
Wednesday, April 14, 2011 - I have begun to find a rythm, a sort of pulse, of our crazy lives....a lot less clutter in the house, less unecessary plastic storage recepticles for food and home, more clarity to SEE and HEAR the beat of our life. Drumming a long, Mondays are loud and fast and full of work, Tuesdays and Wednesdays undulate, Thursday and Friday begin the sway toward the quietness of the weekend, a wonderfully restful and rejuvinating measurement to envigorate us for the fervor of Monday again :) The unorganized frazzled woman becomes focused and productive within the scores of her own life's unique symphony


January 19, 2011 Wednesday - Winter brings vitamin D deficiencies and the New England snow storms are starting to get to me. My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to invite some of the Tuscan sun into our kitchen. Yours truly will attempt a large scale mural of a sunny scene from Tuscany starting this month. I'm going to use eco-friendly paints made from flowers. Stay tuned! 


11/16/10 -  Tuesday - This image conjured in me the feeling of a mamma being in control. Mom- the queller of anxiety, the propagator of goodness and grace. This is the mom i work hard to be every day. I only get to have my little ones for a short time, then they're off to start their own lives with the basket of goodies i've made for them. Carpe Diem.

9/20/10 - Monday
Taking stock of my accomplishments today. So satisfying...and uber-motivating!!! The realistic truisms of my busy mommy-self and life are motivating me to gleen the green nation for knowledge to make practical changes that can be made fairly seamlessly within the matrix of my crazy busy, always unpredicable days as an at home mommy with a toddler and a preschooler. Maybe the compost bin won't get built this week, but the air in my house is cleaner today than it was yesterday and it wasn't any more complicated than a quick trip (children in tow) to a grocery store and a discount gardening center! This is going to be the way to go - practicality will be the best way to catapult me toward my goals.

9/10/10 - Friday - The more i nurture my passion for living greener, more organically, getting back to basics - the more i find i am in love with the idea of living simply, even a tad more rustic. It has been a slow process, i realize, but so satisfying. Today i was pulling weeds and discovered oregano and chives in the neglected flower bed. It felt so beautiful to see those wonderful little plants, doing their thing, to touch them, smell them - sit by them and really look at them. I think i really have something here. I may have this desire because i have a viceral connection with nature that i just can't ignore anymore. I don't agree with the standard definition that rusticity is devoid of elegance. Yes, it is charming...but there is real elegance in it; as in the way a mother is elegant when she is making homemade chicken soup on a nippy winter's night for her appreciative family.

Umm....i don't THINK so
8/10/10 - Tuesday - today was a tough day at home. Hot, humid, and we were all on eachother's nerves. The kids are in front of the TV watching Curious George, as i write this. I needed a sensory break. Everybody fighting, tantruming, not listening, whining. 1 yo is teething and has separation anxiety over dad being at work so he's not napping and is a mess.. 3 yo is refusing to get on the sharing train and whines about everything because her brother is doing it. She even grunts like him now. i actually hid from them 3 times today. Once in the pantry, once behind my bed on the floor, and once in the bathroom downstairs while they were upstairs. I'm not at my best today, but i'm forgiving myself.

Tuesday August 3 2010 - The kids are reading together in the family room. My 1yo is reading a cheerios book and putting cheerios in the little 'holes' of the pages with unwavering concentration, and my 3yo is 'reading' Molly Lou Melon. I confess, Oswald is on TV right now, but they are still "reading". Needless to say, the Montessori-type activity for the afternoon has not been accomplished. BUT - it's a rare moment when these two cherubs can sit quietly, enjoying knowing that the other is just...there.

WOAH. What have i been missing out on???!?!?!? I had this for the first time in bed last night as i read Tolstoy's War and Peace. No joke! (i'm trying to get myself sleepier earlier and i thought this book was a sure shot - i was right - i conked out after 4 paragraphs) I'm so in love with this pudding that i'm going to try and make it myself with all organic ingredients. Found a recipe at I'll keep you all posted.

Picture Taken by EveAllease
July 30, 2010 - One flower is beautiful and yet what a kaleidescope of beauty when there are others nearby swaying in the same wind, soaking up the same sun, growing in the same patch. I created a page for your green and organic ideas, i'm thrilled about the possibilities of color in our kaleidescope.

Picture Taken by EveAllease

Thursday July 29, 2010 - I am sitting here at 11:00pm, the kids are asleep and i have been enjoying the quietness of the house since my 3 yo fell asleep at 8. I love knowing that the kids are snoozing soundly with bellies, hearts, and minds full from today's adventures. My daughter learned how to drag her brother around in a bedsheet today. Round and round they went, laughing and falling and knocking eachother over. It was hilarious. One white sheet, two sillies, and a dog. This is my favorite memory of the day. Wish i could have every single happy moment perfectly preserved so i could call on them whenever the mood struck. So many already!

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