Monday, August 1, 2011

Organic and Green Budget in Review

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The last year has been truly transforming. I am proud as I scroll through the history of this blog, from my first entry to this very last one.

the numbers:
On average, I had about 500 dollars per month to spend on groceries, gasoline, and the home.

In the fall of 2011 I was able to keep my grocery bill down to between 65 and 85 dollars a week.

Outside of food, I was able to purchase gasoline, glass food storage, seeds and planters for my garden within my budget, but I went over budget about 150 - 200 dollars each time when we had events such as my children's parties, overnight guests and out of town trips or special outings.
Things got a little hairy after the new year, as grocery prices seemed to soar. I was spending on average 80 to 105 dollars a week on groceries. When it came to clothing, I hadn't discovered the world of consignment shopping yet, but was able to keep the costs down by buying clothing and shoes a couple of sizes larger for the children.
Thank you JP, who inspired me to start a blog. Thank you LM for encouraging me to keep it up, and for your everyday cheers of all kinds. To D.M-S, my friend and new partner on the herbalism path, thanks for keeping me inspired with the excitement and joy with which you approach life with our leafy companions. Thank you ST for encouraging my spiritual uplifting.  To Divina, thank you for your motherly love, support and positivity. I am so blessed with such beautiful sisters.

Thank you DT and RT for reading my posts and articles and sending encouraging words.

To my mom's group friends, thanks for your support, ideas, green gifts and books, and all in all your kindness and good naturedness. I am so glad we met!

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