Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabulicious French Country Fabric!

My tablecloth is coming along. I'm handsewing because i don't trust sewing machines. I couldn't wait till it was finished so i put it on the kitchen table last night and it looked so beautiful i had to share. We were going to repaint our kitchen walls but the fabric does such a nice job pulling the whole kitchen together that it's not even necessary anymore. Some money on paint, paint supplies saved, not to mention time saved as well. Sewing is a good thing :-)


  1. This Waverly Fabric is called Maldives-Lapis.

  2. hmmm...i took the tablecloth off to work on it the other day and...i miss the way my kitchen table looked. it's a beautiful teak table and it needs to shine. SO - i am going to turn the tablecloth into a table runner, and use the remaining fabric for some matching valances for the kitchen window. Will post pics when this project is done...like...by Christmas!!!