Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Power Up! Solar Energy....for me?

Firstly, forgive the didactic nature of this post - I'm in the throws of completing my requirments for upkeep of my licensure as a mental health clinician so i'm in that "mode". Part of this work is reading and being tested on updated research in the field. I read something on sleep improvement that dovetailed so nicely with saving energy and maximining energy that it blew my mind. I had never heard of the circadian rythm and how 30-45 minutes of natural morning daylight regulates your night time sleep cycle. Amazing. I also learned that you should avoid "blue" light that comes from TV and computers at night. That you should do the best you can to not use artificial lights once night falls and engage in quiet activities like reading so that your body can achieve regulation of chemicals that induce a good night's rest. Everyone knows that a good night's rest = more energy. SO! if i am spending more time outdoors in the morning soaking up the sun's energy and charging my own battery, thus spending less energy on electricity at home, as well as less at night to light up my home, then i will save energy, money and actually BOOST my own energy by giving myself a better chance at better quality sleep. What a great motivation to get out the candles and read a good book with the family after dinner. Goodness all around.

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