Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's All We've Got

Spent many days on vacation contemplating the grandeur and simultaneously relative smallness of "us". The blue planet. glowing blue in a sea of so many other unsustainable planets...perhaps planets that once were blue like ours, but not anymore. questions flowed in and out about the existence of a creator, other intelligent life, etc. Star gazing at night at the edge of the vast ocean. what if....what if this is all we've got and that's that? what if...THIS. THIS is the "heaven". THIS is the gift. THIS - a temporary holding ground for our relatively short existence? Well, then. I'm sold that my job here is to feel, be, live, and generate it's magic, weather it be energy that can be quantified, or cosmic energy that is unexplainable. My job is to give, create, and sustain - this lovely blue living jewel that gave, created, and sustained me.

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