Saturday, April 23, 2011


Eggs, paint, candy, cellophane, baskets, decorations, trinkets, prizes, chocolate bunnies, peeps.... way. just can't bring myself up to it this year.

Today's plan:

Reuse plastic eggs from last year, put reusable stickers on them with the kids. (no mess!)

Put them in our ONE family Easter basket from last year (new tradition!) which will be donned with bows from fabric scraps, and NO fake grass (just an old blue and white gingham kitchen curtain from our previous house). Add some carrots for the Easter Bunny and there you go.

Easter Bunny will come and bring ONE good sized chocolate something for the family to share, and outdoor or crafty goodies for the family to enjoy this spring (a ball, boomerang, etc). Egg Hunt and a basket of carrots left for our real family of wild bunnies in the backyard......and....well, that's a wrap. Well, kinda: now for the question of explaining the spiritual part to these little ones of Jewish and Catholic, but kinda organized religion confused parents...

Ah...i feel better. Happy Easter!

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