Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sticthin' Time....

As you all know, i am still knee deep in the clutter project. I found 3 bins full of fabric and sewing supplies and unfinished projects in my basement last night. A pajama shirt with unfinished matching pants that was supposed to be for me before i started a family, but could probably fit my 3 year old now. A friend asked last week where she could find a local place to buy organic bedding for cheap. I have yet to find such a place and was sorry not to have known any to share with her. Well, this morning that same friend shared a wonderful resource on where to buy organic fabric online! Ingenious! I am definately going to use this as i work toward March's goal of putting my sewing skills to use :-) I will keep you posted on where i get my organic fabric, and what i make with it!

Best thing about having started my journey of "greening" besides inspiring others is meeting and sharing ideas with like minded individuals, and being inspired in turn by their journeys. Happy greening everyone!

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