Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nostalgically Practical

This decluttering project has brought up a serious case of nostalgia. I found these adorable receiving blankets in my daughter's closet and decided to use my sewing skills to repurpose them into quaint wall-hanging storage for her crayons, etc. I just could not see myself parting with the tactile memories of holding my sweet baby girl swaddled in these blankets. This is a first for me, so plese forgive the frankenstein-esque nature of my first creation. It is not finished yet, i am adding buttons and ribbons. What you see above is how i folded the blanket to get the bases for what will become pockets once the sewing is done. I guess i could have looked for a how to on it but i wanted to see what my creativity would come up with! When i have a bit more time this week i will post a flickr slideshow on how i did it.

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