Friday, January 14, 2011

The Stuff of Chaos

This is rediculous. Last night after the kids nodded off I had every intention of tackling this mess. Instead, I poured myself a glass of Merlot and laughed at how I have been overrun by STUFF. Toys....are kinda like....evil.

So, at some point today, i will have to begin the box and banish process, then figure out where to start with the sorting and chucking process. What would i rather be doing instead? Sewing a Rapunzel dress-up dress for my daughter.


  1. I need to do the same thing,but it is so hard to figure out what to get rid of since I don't know yet what the little guy will be into. We did bring a lot of stuff to different members of my family so we don't have to lug along toys when we visit. I also put up a bookcase with baskets in the playroom (what was once my living room, sigh) that seems to help contain some of the smaller stuff, but it is still overwhelming. Good luck!

  2. Thanks shveigal! Bringing things to other family members is an excellent idea! Our toys are now sitting in bags and i have been "waiting" to see what the children ask for. After about a week i'm going to take the toys that haven't been asked for downstairs to the basement and institute our in-home 'toy-store' where the kids will "buy" "new" toys on the shelves with "used" ones. Yes. it is totally overwhelming. check back to see if my idea worked!