Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bounty - The Numbers

Been a terrible week for cutting costs on groceries :-( Note to self, do not go grocery shopping with 2 fussy kids under 4. It ends up costing you more money because you can't hear yourself THINK!!! 86 dollars worth right here on the table. about 90% is organic. Didn't get turkey or chicken because i had to cut the trip short. That would have made my bill over 100, for sure. Hmm...time to sit down with a cup of tea and go over what's gone wrong here. Could the prices be going up? Working on posting the receipt for items shown here. Check back tomorrow.


  1. when i think about it - it's been a crazy week and a half with doctor's appointments. i have not baked bread this week and one loaf of bread is $5! I also slacked a little with the freezer. for example, no lasagna in there, no soups, no stuffed shells. A reminder that feeling pressed for time and a need for convenience can have a considerable impact on frugality.

  2. HA! as i was doing my data entry, i realized the receipt i was working off of was from last week :-) Last weeks' total was $101.66. Let's see if we can get back to the $65.00 of my fall/early winter trips to Whole Foods.

  3. Well whaddaya know? A conversation with my awesome sister alerted me to the fact that YES! grocery prices are going up! My sis said it's been in recent news. Here's an interesting article i read about the current rising cost of wheat, grains and other foods:

    i'm not going to panic. a little tweak here and there i know will do the trick.