Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Me I Am, Becoming

Back to the Best tomorrow. I believe my
shopping experience is more relaxing here. Starting over again! 65$ - $85 per week is the aim again.

This may seem silly to some, but in reality, i am learning by success and failure, success and failure - with no current rolemodel in my everyday life for doing this! As a child i was kept on the periphery of daily living (chores, household management, etc.) so i learned by being lectured and told what should be done, not necessarily being allowed to participate as a team member in the doing. I believe it is more beneficial if, as a child, you are made to feel like you are part of making and keeping the home and family running and have a very important part to play, just because you are you. This has been one reason for going green and organic and one day....sustainable....and blogging about it. Life skills and nurturance of myself, my young family, of my surroundings and of the great planet that holds teeny me. Tiny steps, giant leaps, steady, and at times faltering in the journey. I want to know and see reflected back to me in this electronic record that i can be self-sufficient and skilled at responsible living, so that i can diminish concerns about technicalities and have room for more creativity and joy in living. This blog is so important for me. A type of mirror. A lifeline. A friend of sorts. We only have one life, and for those of us who have children; one short window of time to bestow critical life skill knowledge.

I think I can I think I can.....Root for me and send me some good vibes!


  1. Nice post! You can do it! I also <3 Whole Foods.

  2. Your are doing it girl!