Thursday, March 31, 2011

$$Green Team? I'm SOLD!!! $$

Voila! My answer to making the dumpster project and responsible. Perfect? NO. But better than the alternative which was to dump EVERYTHING and be totally, utterly ungreen. This afternoon, with the help of our babysitter, I made a HUGE dent in the plethora of unwanted items down in the basement. I separated things into four categories: (1)throw away in the dumpster (so ratty and unuseable it would be downright mean of me to donate), (2) re-useable (things i would realistically - easy and quickly - repurpose for storage, etc) (3)drop off-able (to a goodwill type clothing donation box that are sprinkled in parking lots along my daily driving routes), and the rest - (4)sell-able. The freed up storage space on the shelves in the basement will be a great place to keep the sell-able items along with the packaging boxes that i have saved and will reuse. I will take photos of the stored items and circulate amongst friends in case they want something. The point is - easy. no pressure. All good for me. My current organizational skills are such that coordinating pick ups and drop offs for freecycle and charitable organizations would leave all parties involved with headaches, to be sure. So, my alternative is eBay. How lucky that they have a Green Team now! So, now that I've figured out my system, doing the remaining 2/3rds of this basement job will be a no-brainer for Saturday's big dumpster day. I DID IT!!!

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