Monday, March 28, 2011

Booting the Bottles

Did you hear about the recent study that found chemicals leaching out of plastic with everyday useage? Google it! BPA-free plastic still contains chemicals that can have adverse impacts on the endocrine system. Now I'm concerned that it's not safe to use plastic for anykind of container for food and drink. So where does that leave us? Uber-Paranoid perhaps? Well, i don't know about that. However, a well managed dose of paranoia can do a body good - i would guess better than a dose of estrogenic chemicals. So, we've decided to transition to non-plastic drinkware and food storage containers. We use tap water filtered with a britta faucet filter and also use a britta pitcher, but having a private well that is not regulated by the EPA, we are going to get our well water tested again just to be sure. On the move toward stainless steel drinkware for the kids, i've also found some cool stainless steel water bottles on I have finally convinced my husband to let go of his Poland Spring bottled water love-affair!Now....let's see if i can do this cheaply! Will keep you posted!

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