Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's in the Bag!

I had the BEST time making my first personalized bean bag for a dear friend's little boy last week. I'm making toys now! woah, I would never have imagined. This is a huge deal for me! Allowing myself to be imperfect and sharing that imperfection with a sense of confidence and trust as I learn the ropes of being green and mastering the art of living has been amazing.

It was simple, and although my technique was not perfect and the embroidery was a little off, I was happy with the end product....although not sure if my friend liked it! ha ha. But, hey, it's a sturdy little bag of lentils for a toddler to knock around as only a toddler can, so I hope our toddler friend has a blast with it. We've decided to build a bean bag toss game for our backyard and the personalized bean bags will abound this season! I didn't take a picture of the first one I made last week since it was personalized, but I will post the next ones while they are in progress, and I'm confident my technique will improve so that you can tell a grown-up made them, although...they ARE beanbags people....

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