Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days to Celebrate

Mother's Day will be here soon, as will my children's birthdays. When I asked a good friend what she wanted for mother's day she replied "world peace". In lieu of the recent world news, my friend's wish is profound.

Image courtesy of Courtney's Confections

I asked for house peace! My husband will be taking the children for a morning at Nana's.

But, my friend's wish makes me think: What will become of this wonderful, complicated, and at times so politically broken world? How, when I get so nervous, do I maintain this eco-friendly rythm of life in the shadow of the current world geo-political climate? For instance, my fight or flight response can kick in when I begin to let myself feel fearful about the myriad possibilities of retaliation.

One thing I'm going to try is to maintain the focus on my children, friends, and close family and help them, and myself, feel taken care of and content in the present. Loving is green. Compassion is green.

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