Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nutrigrain Bars - Homemade...Easy

Wooh! two posts in one day. i'm on fire...experimenting with a recipe for making my own, organic, healthier version of our favorite cereal bars. Pulling all the ingredients together took me 4 minutes. It took about 8 minutes to mix, put in pan, prepare, and put in oven. 25 min to bake. cooled, packed them in parchment paper. some are in the freezer, the rest are in the fridge. I like easy. I'm going to tweak these so that next time i make my own strawberry preserves, substitute the sugar for another healthier sweetener (juice, agave nectar, etc) and if i can find a healthier substitute for some of the butter called for in the recipe, i will. These will be going into my anti-McDonalds cooler, for sure!!!!! If you decide to try this recipe let me know how it goes for you :-)

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