Sunday, October 17, 2010

Allium Allies

My little garlic babies....these bulbs were "forced" in my fridge. Bought from Whole Foods, they are organic and i'm hoping...of great quality. I had them in a covered glass container with a little sprinkle of water for about a month. They are sprouting nicely! It was time to move them to their new home. I will keep them here through the winter and if they all turn out well, i will move some out into the garden and keep some in the kitchen. Not sure if i will keep the outdoor plants in a pot or plant them in the yard....
Garlic is part of the allium family. Allium has been studied for medicinal benefits in humans and has proven not only effective in boosting our immune systems, but also as an antibiotic. A great stepping stone for a medicinal herb garden, indoors and out, i say!!!!

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