Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's been a great morning here. Diva and Little Man have been good children according to Santa and the elves :-) In comparison to last year's un-green bounty, this year Santa has brought an array of envioronmentally sound toys and gifts. Organic clothing, Wooden toys, paint made with flower petals and essences. We have made a great start. I can't wait to see what next Christmas brings!

PS. Here's a little tidbit on weather our Christmas Tree tradition is eco-friendly.


  1. We also did more of the environmentally sound toys, but I find it so hard because I like to actually see what I am getting before I buy it. Did you do most of your shopping online, and what brands do you like? It is crazy how so many of these toys are still made in China unless you have a ton of money to spend on local items. If you know of any good resources I would love to hear about them.

  2. We did shop online. We received a Plan City toy for our daughter years ago and ordered a Plan City garage for our son on line for Christmas. We love this company and their values; they are not made in USA, though (Thailand). Green Toys is another favorite here. These toys are BPA free and are made from recycled milk jugs! Friendly and personal service - i had to return a leaky tea pot and contacted the founder and he redirected me to the right person with ease and they were so nice! I didn't have to do anything-they just sent the new one and it arrived within the week! Save for the teapot, their things are durable quality and very cute.

    I haven't looked for local eco-friendly toymakers, but this is a wonderful idea! I will check out what's out there and will post my findings here. The $$$ factor is a biggy, i agree. Oh, wouldn't it be an awesome idea if there were a "freecycle" type service for only made in USA eco-friendtly toys? :-)

  3. check out:

  4. We love those two companies too. We have cooking items from both places. My son got some of the blocks, and the tree house from Plan Toys for Christmas. I wish we had know about this company earlier. I also bought the baby some organic cloth toys from Whole Foods and Amazon. It is nice knowing that what he is putting in his mouth does not have a ton of chemicals. Love the freecycle idea.